Hard Drive Details

Model: WD WD2500AAJS-75M0A0
Interface: SATA
Date: 14-Feb-2011
S/N: WD-WMAV2FL90713

Microjogs: 2412,2620,2570,2570,2570,2570,2570,2570
Head Map: 0,1
Firmware ID: 02.03E02
Firmware Ovl: 00060003
MCU Type: 0000-46A2
Channel Type: 0058-0020
Preamp Type: 0000-0005
Power IC Type: 0000-0000
PCB Rev: 2060-771590-001 REV A

Health Report: Model: "WDC WD2500AAJS-75M0A0 " SN: " WD-WMAV2FL90713", LBAs: 488281250 - Express Diagnostics - SMART verification: SMART is not available. - Media Scan Statistics - Total Scanned Sectors: 200 Read Successfully: 200
Notes: Previously opened

Price: 35.00 USD (+Shipping)

Location: Canada, ON

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